MediDerma chemical peels

A properly selected peeling allows you to keep your skin healthy, aesthetically attractive, and more resistant to aging.

This is a procedure involving applying a properly selected mixture of chemical compounds to the skin at a certain concentration. These substances penetrate deep into the skin and cause the remodeling of collagen and elastin, which are supporting factors in the skin, affecting the renewal of the epidermis and dermis.

The effect of the treatments include stimulation to rebuild the dermis. A series of treatments eliminates signs of skin aging including discoloration, fine wrinkles and other dermatological imperfections.

Patient preparation

After careful cleansing of the treated area, the skin is degreased. Then, a properly selected chemical peel is applied to the skin. After applying one or several layers of peel, it is neutralized and a soothing cream is applied.


The effect of the treatments include stimulation to rebuild the dermis. A series of treatments eliminates signs of skin aging including discoloration, fine wrinkles and other dermatological imperfections.

Types of chemical peels:


Mandelic acid is a gentle acid with antibacterial, regenerating and refreshing properties for the skin. It gives an immediate brightening and cleansing effect to the skin, without causing the slightest feeling of discomfort. Effectively increases skin elasticity.

Mandelic acid treatment is recommended for all skin types, also sensitive, including problematic with irregular pigmentation. As a result of the treatment, the thickness of the stratum corneum is reduced, which makes it possible for the active ingredients to sink deeper into the skin and thus intensively nourish it.

The peel can be performed all year round.

The treatment clearly improves the natural skin tone, lightens skin discoloration, evens out the complexion, brightens, boosts radiance and glow. It also improves the face oval, smoothes fine wrinkles. The effect of improving the skin condition is noticeable after one treatment.


Azelac peel has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, prevents skin erythema. It is based on 25% azelaic acid and milk thistle extract. It is especially recommended for treating inflammatory and non-inflammatory rosacea, acne vulgaris and folliculitis. The treatment improves the quality of oily couperose skin, regulates sebum production, due to which it minimizes pores and visibly improves the structure, color and overall condition of acne-prone skin. It effectively normalizes the melanin secretion process and thus eliminates existing discolorations and prevents the formation of new ones.

Azelaic acid is an acid created for sensitive, couperose skin.

The treatment with azelaic acid soothes inflammation and erythema, calms the skin and reduces swelling.


Pyruvic acid works both at the epidermis and dermis levels. Prevents excess thickening of the stratum corneum. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of acne in all its forms. It exfoliates and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycoproteins, causing only mild erythema. Exfoliation occurs without drying effect, because pyruvic acid hydrolyzes into lactic acid, which has moisturizing properties, forming a film on the skin that protects it from dehydration. It has moisturizing properties, thanks to which it protects the skin against dehydration and drying. After the procedure, the skin becomes cleansed and smooth.


The basic active substance of this type of peel is lactic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin as part of metabolic processes. Its function is to maintain the acid mantle of the skin at pH 5.5 and 6.0. It has a moisturizing effect, as it attracts water molecules to the stratum corneum and stimulates ceramide synthesis, improving and modulating the skin’s protective functions. It also has brightening properties, as it promotes the homogeneous distribution of melanin. Therefore, it helps to improve the face oval, smoothes fine wrinkles, evens out the skin tone. It is used to eliminate problems such as photoaging, wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, discoloration. Lactic Peel is a completely safe treatment.


The C-PEEL treatment is a peel that combines two components: lactobionic acid (lactic acid) and ascorbic acid (the biologically active form of vitamin C). Vitamin C stimulates better blood supply to the skin by supporting collagen synthesis, it also affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, brightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. It is an ideal exfoliating treatment for all skin types, especially sensitive, dull, matte, tired, lacking radiance, with uneven skin tone. It quickly improves the appearance of the skin. After the treatment, the skin becomes smoother, brightened, moisturized and its natural epidermal barrier is rebuilt.


Ferulac Peel is a non-invasive method of combating skin problems: seborrhea, laxity, excessive dryness or discoloration. It allows much deeper penetration of active ingredients than before, which carried by high-quality liposomes, easily pass through the epidermal barrier and penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. Ferulac acid contained in the Ferulac Peel has strong antioxidant properties, combats signs of skin aging, especially skin damage caused by sunlight.

The peel brings immediate and noticeable effects in the form of visible lightening and improvement of skin tone. After the procedure, the patient’s skin becomes luminous, firm and most of the problems (discoloration, wrinkles, acne scars) disappear without a trace or undergo a significant reduction.



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