Manicure, pedicure

Basic manicure

Basic manicure is a care treatment. Its goal is to take care of the beauty of the skin on the hands and improve the appearance of nails. It consists of filing the tip of the nail in order to give it the desired shape, smoothing the nail plate and removing the cuticles using a cuticle nipper. The treatment also includes nourishing and applying oil to the nails, and finally painting them with a nail polish. Manicure makes your hands smooth, soft, moisturized and nourished, and your nails stronger and less likely to split.

Depending on your needs, it can include a regenerating paraffin wax bath, which will nourish the skin on the hands. Our salon offers a wide range of colors from the renowned O.P.I nail polish brand to choose from.

Hybrid gel manicure

Hybrid gel manicure is a nail styling method that uses a combination of two types of polish well known in cosmetics – nail polish and gel.

At the initial stage of the hybrid gel manicure, the same care procedures are performed as for the basic manicure. The nail is given the right length and shaped with a file. Then, the cuticles are removed. Degreasing the nail plate is also important for the durability of the manicure. Next, a base coat is applied and cured in a UV lamp. After curing the base coat, a hybrid gel is applied and also cured in a UV lamp. The last step of the manicure is the application of a top coat, which will give a beautiful glossy effect. The top layer is degreased, then nails and cuticles are massaged with oil.

The biggest advantage of a hybrid gel manicure is its durability. Hybrid gel manicure is a guarantee that the nails will remain in good condition for a long time. A thin layer of polish is enough to get a long-lasting and shiny effect. The treatment is safe and harmless to nails.


Pedicure is a cosmetic treatment that allows you to enjoy beautiful and healthy feet. Basic pedicure allows you to get rid of dry and excess skin, calluses or unpleasant corns. The purpose of pedicure is also softening and moisturizing the feet, i.e. preparing them for further treatments. In a basic pedicure, the toenails are trimmed, the cuticles are removed and the nail is painted with polish.

The effects of the treatment include beautiful, well-groomed and moisturized feet and a significantly improved look of the natural nail plate. After the treatment, rough and damaged skin on the feet becomes regenerated and elastic.

Hybrid gel pedicure

The hybrid gel pedicure is a cosmetic treatment to care for toenails. Hybrid gel pedicure begins with a basic pedicure. Then a base coat is applied to the dried nail plate and cured in a UV lamp. The application of two layers of the chosen color of polish requires re-curing with the lamp. The polish used for hybrid gel pedicure is breathable, does not damage the nail plate, does not discolor, chip off or fade. Finally, a top coat layer is applied, which gives the shine and durability to the pedicure. The nail is cured again in the lamp.

Due to the curing of the hybrid gel in the UV lamp, the pedicure is more durable and much more resistant to abrasion than ordinary nail polish. A thin layer of polish is enough to get a long-lasting and shiny effect. Moreover, the hybrid gel polish does not chip off nor becomes matte, and the nails are shiny and stronger. Hybrid gel polish finished with a top coat retains the full effect even when it’s affected by harmful external factors (increased activity, bathing in sea salt water). The use of hybrid gel polish makes the skin on the feet soft and smooth, while corns, clavi and calluses are removed. The nails keep the desired color and perfect shine for many weeks.



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