Cosmetology – price list

Check the prices of treatments suitable for you:

Thalgo care treatments

Illuminatind Radiance Facial Treatment – deep hydration and illumination of a tired looking face 160 PLN
Re-Balancing Treatment – normalizing treatment with micronized algae for oily and combination skin 160 PLN
Aqarelle- moisturizing treatment with micronized algae 170 PLN
Absolute Hydrotion Ritual – intensive hydration with sea minerals 190 PLN
Cold Cream Ritual – nourishing and soothing treatment for sensitive and couperose skin 190 PLN
Silicum Marine Treatment – intensive lifting treatment with organic silicon 300 PLN
Ocean Treatment for Man – regeneration and hydration for men 180 PLN

Ella Bache care treatments

NEOPERFECT RESURFACING / PIGMENT DOCTOR – Comprehensive brightening ritual 210 PLN
HYDRA REPULP FRESH – regenerating and detoxifying treatment for dehydrated skin 230 PLN
TOTAL LIFT GREEN – Intensely firming and lifting ritual 250 PLN
ROSE MOISTURISING GRANDE BEAUTE – moisturizing and regenerating treatment with damask rose 230 PLN

Exuviance care treatments

STOP CAPILLARIES – regenerating and soothing treatment for couperose skin and rosacea 210 PLN
AGE REVERSE – intensive smoothing and anti-wrinkle treatment 240 PLN
CLEANSING AND SOOTHING – deep cleansing of sensitive and prone to irritation skin 180 PLN
ILLUMINATING WITH WIT. C – brightening treatment with strong antioxidants and concentrated vitamin 210 PLN

Specialized treatments

DERMAPEN facial microneedling (firming, regeneration, anti-aging) 300 PLN
Microneedling of selected body parts (stretch marks, scars, cellulite) 300-600 PLN
Microdermabrasion (peeling, cleansing) from 170 PLN
Face, neck and décolletage cavitation peel with skincare from 170 PLN
Face, neck and décolletage massage 80 PLN

Medical chemical peels (MediDerma, Mesoesthetic, NeoStrata)

Mandelac (mandelic acid) from 170 PLN
Tran3x (azelaic acid) from 170 PLN
C-Peel (concentrated form of vitamin C) 190 PLN
Salicylic (salicylic acid) from 170 PLN
Retix.C (concentrated retinol with antioxidants) 250 PLN
Melanoplus – spot depigmenting peel for discoloration on the back of the hand and forearms 120 PLN
Glicolic (glycolic acid) 160 PLN

EXILIS facial treatment for the face (firming, lifting, anti-aging)

one face area – 1 treatment 150 PLN
one face area – package of 4 treatments 500 PLN
whole face – 1 treatment 500 PLN
whole face – a package of 4 treatments 1700 PLN
decolletage – 1 treatment 200 PLN
decolletage – a package of 4 treatments 700 PLN

EXILIS apparatus treatment for the body (firming, shaping, removal of fat cells)

one body part – 1 treatment 300 PLN
one body part – a package of 4 treatments 1000 PLN
one body part – a package of 5 treatments 1200 PLN

Laser therapy for broken blood vessels (Fotona Nd: YAG)

single spider vein from 200 PLN
single capillar or cherry angioma 50 PLN
cheeks 300-500 PLN
nose wings 345-400 PLN
chin 200 PLN
whole face 600-800 PLN
spider veins on legs from 500 PLN

Eye care and styling

Henna eyebrows with grooming 30 PLN
Henna eyelashes 20 PLN
Moisturizing hydrogel mask – (in addition to the face treatment – 50 PLN) 90 PLN
Brightening retinol mask – (in addition to the face treatment – 60 PLN) 110 PLN
Exilis firming and anti-wrinkle treatment 150 PLN
Microneedling around the eye area 150 PLN

Hand and foot care

manicure 50 PLN
SPA pedicure 100 PLN
hybrid gel manicure 80 PLN
hybrid gel pedicure 120 PLN
removal of hybrid gel manicure done in our salon PLN
regenerating hand treatment with warm paraffin (additionally after manicure – 40 PLN) 70 PLN
Melanoplus – spot depigmenting peel for discoloration on the back of the hands and forearms 120 PLN

Warm wax hair removal

upper lip 15 PLN
chin 15 PLN
cheeks 30 PLN
calves 50 PLN
thighs 40 PLN
bikini 40 PLN
arms 50 PLN
underarms 30 PLN
buttocks 40 PLN
back 50-80 PLN
torso 50-80 PLN



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