Post-pregnancy plastic surgery (“Mommy Makeover”)

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are a wonderful time, but it is also a time of many changes in a woman’s body.

Our clinic’s offer includes procedures that allow you to return to the state before pregnancy/obtain your dream figure/remove unwanted changes in your figure.

Procedures we offer:

  • mammoplasty
  • abdominoplasty
  • liposuction

As an effect of the surgeries, fat deposits will be eliminated, abdominoplasty will remove excess skin and repair/strengthen muscles so that the abdomen is smooth and tight again, and a breast lift will restore shape and firmness of the breasts from before pregnancy.

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Welcome to Noa Clinic. We have prepared a wide and comprehensive range of surgical procedures just for you. The treatments are done under the guidance of a qualified team of specialists and using the latest generation equipment.

We offer two fully equipped operating rooms. We also have four comfortable and air-conditioned rooms, in which the patients can relax both before and after the procedure. We provide our patients with professional care throughout the recovery period.