Laser scar removal

That treatment is based on fractional laser, thanks to which the scars could be removed with lower risk and pain.

The laser damage cells nearby tissue what starts stimulates repair mechanisms in the organism and stimulates collagen production, which deficiency cause the slacking of the skin and formation of wrinkles. Laser beam hits the deep layers of the skin and eliminates even big scars. Pulses can make burning and pinching. During treatment we are using cold air for cooling skin. Laser scar removal also stimulates new collagen fibres and flexible fibres, and that got results like skin tension and lift. Laser combine effectiveness and short recovery of your skin.

Preparation for surgery

You don’t have to specially prepare your skin. Skin should be clean and without skin eruption. Shouldn’t be too much tanned too. A few days before treatment you can do microdermabrasion and chemical peel. You should avoid medicines (antibiotics and antidepressants) and herbals like hypericum, calendula and horsetail. Before treatment we desensitize your skin.

Effects of the surgery

Following the treatment you can feel burning skin and pinching. Skin can be blushed and painful.

Patient after laser scar removal should avoid sun, put on regenerating cream and sunblock regularly (especially during summer, a few weeks after treatment).

We recommend avoiding hot bath, sauna and peels.

Depending on skin, patient’s age, depth of wrinkles, pores and scars after acne, there can be more or less treatments (1-6). If you have small wrinkles and flabby skin you will see effect after one treatment. If you have deep wrinkles and scars you will need even 4 or 6 treatments.

The first resultats are noticeable after 4-5 weeks, because that’s the time of recovery. After that skin is smoother, tighter and without scars.



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