Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatment involves irradiating the skin with a small beam of light using a large or small head.

The laser head is applied to previously prepared skin. The beam of intense light emitted by the laser is absorbed by melanin, i.e. the dye contained in the hair roots. The laser pulse is converted into thermal energy, which destroys the structures responsible for hair growth, so they do not grow back. The feeling associated with laser hair removal can cause discomfort, most often there is a feeling of tingling, burning, itching and pricking. Epilated areas are locally anesthetized with a special ointment.

Thanks to properly used technology, the treatment is completely safe and free of side effects. The laser does not penetrate deep into the skin, and the beam emitted by it works only on its surface.

Preparation for surgery

One month before the scheduled date of the procedure, you must opt out of depilation methods that remove hair together with the bulbs (wax, electric epilator). Some herbs, e.g. St. John’s wort, calendula, sage, which have photosensitizing properties should be set aside for some time. Avoid peels and cosmetics with vitamins A, C, retinoids and fruit acids. You cannot sunbathe at least 4 weeks before the procedure – laser hair removal on tanned skin can cause burns and discoloration.

Before hair removal, shave your hair thoroughly. Laser hair removal cannot be performed on pregnant women and people before puberty, because stabilized hormonal balance in the body is important to achieve optimal results. Diseases that prevent laser hair removal are: psoriasis, albinism, cancer, epilepsy, hormonal disorders and hyperpigmentation. The procedure is not performed on people with skin infections, active herpes, cuts on the skin, including epilation. In the case of heavily tanned skin, laser hair removal can lead to burns and discoloration and discoloration.


In order for laser hair removal to be successful and its effect to be permanent, it is necessary to perform a series of treatments at intervals of 6 to 12 weeks. The laser only affects hairs that are in the growth phase, but does not work on those that are at rest.

Already after the first visit you can observe hair loss, with each subsequent treatment the effects are more visible. After completing the entire laser hair removal cycle, the effect is usually excellent, but most often you need to repeat the treatment after some time, because some hair begins to grow back.

The effectiveness of this method, as well as the number of treatments that should be performed, is a very individual matter, depending among other things on the color, type, amount and structure of the hair. Dark and thick hair is the easiest to remove by laser – about 5-6 treatments are often enough for them. On the other hand, light and delicate hair, as well as facial hair that requires more treatments are more difficult to remove. Patients using laser hair removal enjoy smooth skin for many years.



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